The Ides of June

June started in the middle of the week this year, which means both of the comedy shows I run in Cincinnati fall on the same week. Get over it.

Punch Lines on Short Vine, is in it’s 3rd month of life and we’re excited that it’s finally keeping it’s eyes open for longer than a few minutes at a time! Still not scooting, but we’re working toward it. Tuesday, June 20th. Starts at 8 at The Dime on Short Vine right near the University of Cincinnati. The drinks are cheap, the staff is chill, the people walking by might try to kick the door in (again). There are a smattering of open mic slots so if you’ve got a friend that thinks they’re funny, send em out for 3 minutes of glory.

Thursday, June 22nd, we’re back at Myrtle’s and the hilarious Natalie Jose is stopping in from Chicago. We’re rounding it out with liberal snowflakes Kelly Collette, Gabe Kea and Joe Shelby, so if you voted for Trump and don’t regret it yet, come on out. Protesters will be forcefully removed and placed on the mailing list (nothing worse).

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