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Thursday, July 26th

Stanley’s Pub | Cincinnati, OH | 8pm | $5

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Some remember Schroeck for his sardonic, low energy delivery. Others barely remember him at all.

Instead of working hard in college, John started performing stand up comedy. He graduated anyways, and has a mountain of debt to prove it (shout out to the white collar criminals at Wells Fargo for making this dream a reality). Now he spends his time talking about the struggles of being a privileged, cis-het white boy in the Trump era when you’ve got a sweet dog, supportive parents, and a loving partner.

Schroeck was featured in USA Today and has appeared at Accidental Comedy FestCrossroads Comedy FestGilda’s LaughFest, and Cincy Brew HaHa. He has also worked alongside the likes of Jimmy Dore, Tommy Johnagin, and Amy Schumer.

Catch him Thursday nights in Cincinnati at Myrtle’s Punch House. He also appears regularly as a feature act at Go Bananas Comedy Club.

Upcoming Shows

May 24-27

Featuring @ Go Bananas Comedy Club w/Tim Dillon

June 3

Bomb’s Away! Comedy @ Swine City Brewing | Fairfield, OH | No Cover

June 12

MOTR Mouth @ MOTR | Cincinnati, OH | 7:30pm | No Cover

June 14

Punch House Comedy @ Myrtle’s | 7pm | Cincinnati, OH | No Cover
Comedy @ Village Tavern | 9pm | Cincinnati, OH  | No Cover
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June 20

FPIC @ Go Bananas Comedy Club | 8pm | $5 | Cincinnati, OH

June 28

Punch House Comedy @ Myrtle’s | 7pm | Cincinnati, OH

July 2

Growlin Gremlin @ The Daily Growler | Columbus, OH
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July 14

Bombs Away! Comedy @ Taft’s Brewporium | 8pm | Cincinnati, OH | $5
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July 25

Comedy Underground @ Be Here Now | 9pm | Muncie, IN | No Cover
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July 26

Comedy @ Stanley’s Pub | 8pm | Cincinnati, OH

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Aug 2nd, 3rd, 4th

Featuring @ Skyline Comedy Club w/Nick Hoff | Appleton, Wisconsin

Sept 1

Comedy @ Cellarmen’s | Detroit, Michigan

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