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Some remember Schroeck for his sardonic, low energy delivery. Others barely remember him at all.

Instead of working hard in college, John started performing stand up comedy. He graduated anyways, and has a mountain of debt to prove it. Now he just talks about the struggles of being a privileged, cis-het soy boy in the Trump era when you’ve got a sweet dog, supportive parents, and a loving partner.

Schroeck was featured in USA Today, has worked at comedy clubs such as Go Bananas (Cincinnati, OH), Skyline (Appleton, WI), Crackers (Indianapolis, IN), Wileys (Dayton, OH), Comedy Shrine (Aurora, IL), Comedy Jukebox (Peoria, IL), and Milwaukee Comedy Cafe; and has been invited to perform at Accidental Comedy FestCrossroads Comedy FestGilda’s LaughFest, Whiskey Bear Comedy Fest, and Cincy Brew HaHa. He’s been fortunate enough to open for some of his comedy idols, but nobody cares about that.

Catch him Thursday nights in Cincinnati at Myrtle’s Punch House.

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